About us

Indosurge Biotech was established in year 2005 by Late Shri Lekh Raj Bhateja and other professionals who vowed to lend their products with a vision to provide affordable and user friendly medications.


Shri Lekh Raj Bhateja always believed in hard work and patience. Under his guidance , Indosurge aspired to learn the professionalism and respect for locals. His soul motive was to serve economically tensed community who found challenging to get themselves treat with high cost medicaments.

Indosurge has always envisioned to develop a network across various regions around the globe to care happily about the consumers by delivering them trustworthy and reliable medications.

Our parameter for development i.e it should not be restricted to single institution but to help in contributing among everyone life which will further generate potential employment for various communities across globe.

Team Work

Since 2005, we have remarkably transcended with more range of medicinal products from

Gastroenterology,Anxiset, Sedative, Neurology , Urology and many more to list.

We want to brew the connection between team members only then task and work force simply dive more closer to its ultimatum.We value different minds and their views will be reflection to our excellence. With integration of our thoughts we can explore holistic gateway to be limitless.This institution foundation has always remained grounded with visionary ideas,values and unshakeable momentum towards its goal.Indosurge is now all commited to continue this legacy ,to witness the love towards humanity.

Improvement is the game of evolution and to be better off”.

Shri Lekh Raj Bhateja


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