The complete energy solutions.
Install NISCON roof top solar systems.
With NISCON installation you get.
1- Reduce electricity’s bill up to 90% with on grid solar power plant & net meter.
2- Get back your investment in 3-4 years. Enjoy free power for next 20 year.
3- Contribute in making India pollution free Go Green ! Be a solar warrior.
4- Finest quality equipments latest technology. Trouble free operation.
5- Reliable in all types of climate conditions.
6- Best service & support. Mora then 300+ Installation s . Residential. Commercial. Industrial.

About us

Annual Maintenance of HT/LT Panels, ACB, VCB, Transformers etc. All types of Transformer Servicing, Oil Filtration, BDV, Acidity testing, Coil Rewinding & Relay Testing. Operating and maintenance of power transformer and distribution transformer, Transformer Servicing, Repairing, Transformer Rewinding, Oil Filtration, Streamline And High Vacuum Filtration, Precommissioning Tests On Transformers And Electrical Systems, High Voltage Testing Of Transformers And Other Ht Equipments ,Testing Of Protective Relays And Breakers, Service on Circuit Breakers , Switch Gears andAll Electrical Spares for new requirement transformers HT PANEL WORK and all Types of transformers Panel, stabilizer ,VCB, earthing and all work related to transformer 8610350822-8883103425

Services Provide By us :-

  • No environmentally hazardous substance (conventional lights contain Mercury)
  • No more bugs around light (LEDs don’t attract insects)
  • No laying down electrical wires and digging hassles required which usually consume close to a month’s time for completion
  • Zero electricity running cost for solar based lights
    Payback periods of less than 2 Years (LED Streetlights)
  • High durability of solar panels and LEDs. Both solar panels and LEDs for more than 10 Years In Comparison, the conventional sodium and CFL lamps typically
  • require replacement once every year
  • Less heat emission and easy disposal due to absence of harmful
  • substances like mercury
    Higher color temperature of light
  • No UV & IR radiation



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